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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

George Yeo and Jack Neo

The Kindness Movement has gone too far. Too much kindness must have addled George Yeo's brain. Kindness fought with Justice and Kindness won... and by winning... Kindness became Cruelty.

George Yeo has been kind to his friend but in doing so... he has been cruel to the TWO (at present count) adolescents preyed upon by Jack Neo. It's well and good to be kind to a friend as Jack Neo must have been, and still is. It's well and good for one man (George Yeo) to commiserate with another man (Jack Neo) for having failed miserably in a way all men are tempted to fail at one time or another.

But then, George Yeo has not spared a thought for the 2 young ladies! One girl says "Hey... George! Your friend seduced me, used me sexually and then dumped me!!". Another girl says "Hey... George! Your friend tried his darndest to seduce me, use me sexually, and dump me! But phew! He didn't succeed."

Is kind cruelty better than cruel kindness?

There is great injustice in declaring open support for the Sexual Predator that Jack Neo has been, and probably still is (for a man does not easily change his sexual habits). In effect, Jack Neo used his considerable clout in entertainment circles to lure young ladies into relationships with no honour, nor future. Had Jack Neo seduced a woman in her 30s or 40s, I would have had nothing to say. But no.... he had to aggressively pursue girls who are barely out of their teens.

I know that some men will say that young girls these days are as "experienced" as a menopausal woman like me. That is an excuse men give themselves. Merely going by years of experience, a 20 year old cannot know as much about the sexual experience as a woman of 45... and a 20 year old surely cannot know as much about the sheer perfidy of a man who has ears only for his penis!!

Indeed, it is quite possible that in the place where normal people keep their left and right brain lobes, Jack Neo has stored his left and right testicles... And in the place where Jack's testicles should be, the man has no balls ... for he has had to hide behind the kindness of his friend George Yeo.

The most despicable thing in this whole story is the way Jack Neo fed on the beautiful dreams of the girls he used for sex. Every young person has beautiful dreams. These dreams drive effort and make life worth living. It is disgusting that Jack Neo latched like a parasite onto young people's dreams of a better future in order to slurp his fill of sexual gratification.

There should be a jail cell for people who promise to make you a Fann Wong in return for a night of penetration!! At the very least, someone should cut his penis off! Jack Neo's penis. Not George Yeo. George Yeo should lose his tongue instead. How can a Minister schooled in foreign diplomacy be quite so undiplomatic in this matter?


Blur Ting said...

Very well said. I know men like Jack Neo who use their clout to impress and seduce sweet young things. You're right, they don't change no matter how old and wrinkly they've become.

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

the worst is, those things are young but not sweet. i wonder whose eyes got pasted by stamps. LOL

petunialee said...

But Fry... they are not things. They are people. And if at 20, they are not sweet then it is not their fault either.

It is that of their social circle comprised perhaps of neglectful/missing parents, too much TV influence and mature men who groom their sexuality.

It's like showing contempt for a 14 year old girl who is sexually experienced because she was raped by someone. Of course she is no longer innocent... but it is not her fault, and she should be pitied, defended and healed instead of despised.

Most mature people have had sex. There is nothing wrong with that. But there is something very wrong to promise fame and honour for sex, knowing full well that one is not about to honour that promise.

upon pale moonlight said...

i still don't see why the minister for foreign affairs jumped in to take up for jack neo when nothing can be said in the jackass' defence.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Too bad for George Yeo.. he is a respectable man.. but really, speaking up like that.. hardly a respectable thing to do..

petunialee said...

Yes... I too believe that he is a respectable man. Unfortunately, someone took advantage of his kindness. And now... he is not man enough to come out to clarify his end of the issue.

To support his friend, he lets down all of Singapore. I miss LKY.

zidan said...

well said Petunia,i am 100% behind u then those licking dogs,pack of the same & in the name of all sorts, even 'Christians',then again, why not ask George Yeo is HIS DAUGHTER IS ONE OF THE VICTIMS OF JACK NEO, SEX & MALICE, HOW WILL HE REACT OR ACT? STILL RALLY AROUND JACK? or in the name, of His Holy God,forgive, repent & then sin again,mind u, is repeatative lust on young women & even a 16 years old...christina enough or what?!!!forgive, i dot know until your daughter is one of the victims..u tell me!!!!

Yinoke said...

A bundle of matches is worthless, a bungalow may cost millions, but a match may burn your house in just a second, please always mind our speech and behavior.

Super Kumantong said...

If you have a Son who is a stud, who went around laying sch teachers, sch girls and friends's moms , what would say?

If you are born with a hole, it is your parents duty to prevent you from spreading your legs. If you are so unlucky to give birth to daughters, it is your duty to prevent her from spreading her legs.

If you have sons, it is up to you whether the father is going to train him to be a stud.

petunialee said...

Super Kumantong - A son who is a stud will break my heart.

Not all girls have loving parents. My friend was raped at 10 years in a lift. Another was molested by her stepfather. Yesterday's papers featured a 10 yr old child bride who was raped by her 30 year old husband even though she had not yet had her first menses. Men must learn to control themselves. Otherwise, it never ends.... and the girls get younger and younger.

Those of us who send our daughters to overseas universities want to know that they will be safe. Don't tell me that to keep their "holes" (as you so vulgarly put it) safe I should deny my daughter an education in Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Tsinghua University etc...?

No... men must share the burden for women's safety or women will not have the freedom to be educated, to work and to have leisure without a loser like you thinking that they have a right to the "hole".

Khoo said...

Very well written. We do not need to internalise what Jerk neo and his friends do or say. These ppl are all out for publicity and low life forms like them do not deserve our attention. Btw i never spend a single cent on his low IQ movies. Such an insult to my intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Excellent and fair article.
Jack Neo has commited a criminal offence in seducing very young girls who aspire to be actresses. He has abused his position. His crime is worse than an employer practising sexual harassment on his employees who aspire to be promoted. I truly sympathise with the young girls that he has seduced. I am even more horrified that Minister George Yeo has supported his action even though he knew the harm he has caused to Jack Neo's victim. Please George, please spare a thought for these innocent victims. How are they going to find a husband now that they have been seduced by Jack Neo? Would you allow your own daughters to be seduced the same way? Would you also rally behind the seducer if this were to happen to your daughters?