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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

House Construction

After chatting with friends, we've decided to tear down the one-storey house and build a new one. We agree that it makes greater investment sense. After all, when it comes our turn to sell the house, a new buyer would sniff at the one-storey and only offer us enough to buy the land. That would mean that the large sum (large in my eyes) poured into renovating the one-storey house would be a consumption expense (for us to enjoy) rather than an investment (that we would recover with interest at point of sale). So, we've decided to put up twice that amount in order to protect the initial amount we had decided to spend.

Baby... you gotta move with the times. No one (except deranged Petunias) like one-storey houses. So passé, you see.

So, I am back to Square One. I look upon an empty plot of land and now have to art-and-craft a new abode upon it. It feels a lot like when Art Teacher asked me to paint a bunch of lemongrass... or onion... or design a cartoon. I would do my best but Art Teacher always failed me... and once she loudly exclaimed in front of the class "Petunia, your shadows are all wrong!! Where is your light? I can't tell how the light is falling on your mushroom!!"

So loud. So embarassing. And I still failed the mushroom piece. You felt like telling her "I dunno laaaaah Mrs Tan! God made mushrooms for eating. Not for drawing. And how can you be so blind that you can't see that the light is falling from all directions and so there is NO SHADOW!?"

Anyway, I just tell myself that I will build a house that is easy to clean, a breeze to maintain, bright and airy. I don't need expensive furnishings or the latest in design excellence... and it doesn't have to be beautiful. Just a practical house with a lot of light... and easy to sell away.

And I will set Milo upon any guest who dares to yell "The shadows in your house are all wrong!"


Blur Ting said...

Hehe, go Milo go!

I'm quite mad too cos I like cosy single storey houses too :-)

But if you must build, make it BRIGHT and AIRY!

petunialee said...

Yeah... I do intend to.

M said...

"Petunia, your shadows are all wrong!! Where is your light? I can't tell how the light is falling on your mushroom!!"

And that's why she's teaching art and not biology - there are no shadows 'cos mushrooms grow in the dark. :)

petunialee said...

M - Yeah! Now why didn't I think of telling her that!