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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Aisle of Dessert

The thing I missed most about France is the selection of off-the-shelf desserts. My favorite is the "chocolat fondant" that comes in an un-sexy non-descript container but looks oh-so-elegant when presented on a plate. Then there is the Flanby which is an egg custard topped with caramel cream as follows. It comes in another cheapo looking plastic container but when presented on a plate... "C'est si bon".

And if you are trying to delude yourself and others about how good a chef you are, you simply buy the crême brûlée already in a glass jar and you just warm it up some and serve. Also very good.

But there's more. I ate dessert 3 times a day (yes... there has been some weight gain) but I couldn't manage to finish sampling all the different "mousses" (au chocolat, au café etc...). To fit in such a variety of desserts, the dessert aisle is as long as my local NTUC's dairy, vegetables and the fresh meat aisles put together!! See below.


Blur Ting said...

Oh, if you miss French desserts, you can head to Takashimaya basement. Yesterday I discovered a French patisserie selling chocolate lava! Good stuff.

petunialee said...

Thanks for the contact... I'll go by when I next pop over to Orchard Rd. May take a while though...