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Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Little Boy

I have dreamy children. When The Daughter was little, I often caught her in a reverie with her mouth hanging open. These are children who lose water bottles, forget pencils, misplace textbooks, forget to do corrections, make me drive them to CCA practices that have been cancelled and they have absolutely no conception of time, often asking me whether what we're eating is lunch or dinner. They exist in a world of their own and rely on me to keep them grounded to the practical necessities of this world. I don't blame them because I vaguely remember my teachers saying "Petunia, if you don't close your mouth, a fly will go in."

But of a sudden, when they come to Primary 4 or 5, my children wake up and start to be on top of things. They remember to let me sign their forms. They don't lose their belongings quite as often. They watch the clock, bathe and put themselves to bed without being told.

Since Little Boy is in Primary 4 this year, he has suddenly woken up. He wrote in his journal last week that he had done rather poorly in school last year, and was determined to try harder this year in order to "... make my Mommy happy". And he has really got himself all sorted out this year, it seems. The Teacher was impressed enough to tell me on the phone that she has noticed a difference. He has developed focus in class, completes his work quickly and promptly.... and he makes an effort to write well and be less careless.

Something must happen to children's brains between Pri 3 and Pri 4 because The Daughter too suddenly woke up at the same age. She changed from Miss Dilly-Dally to Miss Efficient. Whatever it is, I am starting to enjoy this mothering business more and more.


Blur Ting said...

Oh, that's so nice! :-) You do bring up good kids.

And it's funny even now when my 15-year old son writes about himself (compo), he says he wants to do well to make mummy happy or so mummy will not have to worry about his future etc. It's great being appreciated isn't it? :-)

petunialee said...

Teeheehee! Really! Your 15 year old? Soooooooooooo sweet! Hey... you bring up good kids too! Your sons are shaping up really good and soon you can sit in a corner and watch with a toothless grin whilst they do everything.