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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Leisurely Cottage Living

When the children were little, we used to rent self-service cottages in the USA. In those days, The Husband did everything that related to fire. Fire wood, fire places, barbecues, outdoor fire rings and marshmallow toasting... and also the dishes. I did everything else.

I made the beds, mopped the floor, picked up the mess, did the laundry, prepared 3 meals and fed Little Boy. It was a lot of work but it ensured that the difficult-to-feed Little Boy could eat the things he was used to eating. Plus, it saved us many tourist dollars.

This time though, I feel so spoilt. The Daughter is an almost-me. She does the laundry, makes the beds and vacuums the floor. She picks up after her brother and even folds the clothes. Little Boy takes out the garbage and carries in the fire wood. The Husband flew back to Singapore a few days earlier and in his absence, Little Boy even sets up the fire and I only need to strike the match to the solid fuel under the logs.

I really only have to cook. The children offer to do most other things.

Maybe one day, I will travel with The Daughter, Little Boy and their own little families ... and all I need to do is sit in a corner and smile at everyone with my toothless gums. It would be nice.


Blur Ting said...

Wow, your kids are fantastic! Very well brought up!

petunialee said...

Ting - Thanks a lot! You've got great boys too! I do think that children have a natural tendency to want to please their parents so I don't think I bring them up well... I think I just appreciate them a lot from the bed. Heh! Heh! Like in "Wow! You brought the wood in? Thank you!"