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Monday, January 18, 2010

Milo Terrorises Guests

Did I promise that Milo will never be allowed in the house? Oh well... that seems like so long ago and my memory is rather poor these days.

Since Milo has been feeling rather out of bounce (necessarily so because only balls bounce... and err... and err... Milo err... well... he has no more bounce) we've kept him in the living room away from rain and shine. I must say that he has been rather well-behaved. He only chewed up the cane (yes, the odious thing that inflicts pain), one bryophyllum in the downstairs patio, a few leaves from the coral vine and the bottom of the sofa. No seriously... I am not being sarcastic. I really do think he has behaved very well. I had feared worst things.

But I doubt my visitors appreciate Milo's presence downstairs. A gate separates my visitors from what must surely look like a rabid dog to them. But really all Milo is saying is this "Play! Play! Play!" but it comes out sounding like "I am gonna EAT you!" When this is delivered by a dog rearing up on his hind legs, through gaping jaws full of teeth right into your face, it can be terrifying. Visitors usually take 2 steps back and refuse to come into the house until Milo is chained up.

I am trying to figure out a way to train him to hang back when visitors come by. Any ideas?


Rummi said...

Have u forgotten doggy-commands : Sit. Wait. Back off. Etc ;)

petunialee said...

Ummm... I never taught him "Wait" and "Back off".

Rummi said...

'Sit' is good. Works on kids, works on cats, works on dogs ;)

petunialee said...

Yeah... "sit" will have to do.

termite said...

sit, stay. these two work for my big dogs :D