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Monday, November 21, 2016

Split: Anamarija's Apartment

Home for the next 3 days is in Split, in an apartment which wow-ed all 3 of us with its luxurious fittings. Seriously, this place is nicer than my own house. The bed is a super king with 2 quilts because no one quilt is big enough. From my side of the bed, I can't see The Husband on the other side, you know. He has disappeared in the distance and is camouflaged by a mass of soft sheets. Now, we know the type of luxury some Croatians live in. Waaaaaaaaaaah!

This place rents for SGD$159/night and sleeps 4 adults comfortably. Click HERE to book.

The bed was amazing. It was soft and offered excellent back support and I cannot even imagine the threadcount of the bedsheets because they felt so very soft and smooth. This must be what sleeping on a cloud feels like.

Bed so big, you could get lost in it.

Designer taps and sinks.

There is art in the toilet.

Bathtub with sculpted lines.

Chandelier! They have a chandelier! Sigh!

Stunning view of the Adriatic Sea.

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