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Friday, November 18, 2016

Old House in Center of Mali Ston

Mali Ston is a 700 year old fortified village. I kid you not. It is encircled by walls so thick that you can drive a car along the top of the wall and still have space to walk. The walls of Ston encircle the town of Mali Ston and snakes south west towards another town called Ston. People here call it the 2nd Great Wall, with the first Great Wall being that of China.

The walls were built by the Ragusan Republic which had its seat of power in Dubrovnik from 1358 to 1808. Dubrovnik was an important port, competing with Venice (barely 800km away across the Adriatic Sea) for maritime trade. Dubrovnik actually meant "oak grove" and was named for the oak trees growing in that area. Reading up on its history, I begin to understand the need for these long and thick walls. Even with such walls, the area was variously the vassal state of Venice, Austria, Turkey and France. Everybody who was anybody wanted a piece of Dubrovnik and its surrounding areas!

The Walls of Ston were built to protect the salt pans. Salt was a product that generated great wealth for the Ragusan Republic. The centuries old salt pans are still being worked today at Solana Ston Salinas. Young people come in summer to harvest salt as part of their summer holidays. They work in return for free food, lodging and tours. If I were young enough, I would be tempted to because the free food is eat-your-fill of Mali Ston oysters.

The Mali Ston bay's pristine waters produce small firm oysters which taste like a sea breeze in your mouth. Now do you understand why everybody who was anybody wanted a piece of Dubrovnik, Ston and Mali Ston action? Between fresh oysters (food) and fresh sea salt (money), what is there not to like?

To get to our lodgings, we had to go through a segment of the stone walls.

This is home for 3 nights. It has 3 storeys and sleeps 4 people.

The living room.

The well-planned streets.

Houses are built up the slopes too.

The lady who owns this house washes the laundry at Kapetanova Kuca. This is the 1st ranked restaurant in Mali Ston on TripAdvisor. Her own house is right next to the one we are staying in. The restaurant she works in is literally 10 metres from her front door. Kapetanova Kuca (translates into Captain's House) and it serves a variety of seafood, including uber fresh oysters from Mali Ston Bay. Last night, we ate 1 oyster each. It was good. Tonight, I am getting 10... 10 oysters for SGD$20 (and that is only because this restaurant is one of the more expensive ones in this village). I am sure I can get cheaper oysters elsewhere. Yum! Yum!

If I am what I eat, I think that by the end of these 3 days, I may become a giant oyster.

You can book this house HERE. It sleeps 4 people for SGD$150. This is not a sponsored post. This blog details anything and everything I feel like writing and I am not influenced by anyone nor anything to write.

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