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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Making a Case for the Trump

I am not an American citizen so I did not vote for Trump. Like everyone else, I watched in horror as he set himself ablaze with scandal after scandal of the pussy grabbing, hombres denigrating, judge insulting and war hero shaming sort. What an awful person!  When the results came through, I was shocked and wondered at the stupidity of the Americans. Then, someone sent me the following picture...

... and got me thinking. It is true that Trump has no experience in government and that can be a good thing. A mature political system like the USA would have created and developed many policies and institutions to govern with. Over time, these structures limit growth and innovation. Worse, they limit the government's ability to respond to changes in the environment. Why? Because there is a tendency for people to stay within the rules, the regulations and the policies already created. From within that framework, everything looks good and worthy of preserving.

You see... it is a bit like the MOE. People who have worked there for ages see the merits of the system as it is. Unless able to visualise alternative realities, most people working in MOE cannot envisage a reality without those institutions, practices and processes already created. It takes a fresh pair of eyes like Ng Chee Meng's or Ong Ye Kung's to see that some things must change, and other things must be scrapped. It isn't a broken system, but it is old and outdated... ill equipped to deal with today's demanding parents and today's stressed children (who have been well conditioned by the PSLE bell curve to compete tooth and nail academically).

So, for all that people say that these 2 men are not competent because they are not educators, I think that they bring much that is valuable to the table... at the very least, they bring their ideals (even though many senior level educators mumble and grumble that Ng Chee Meng is too idealistic). In truth, idealists change the world and make it better. Realists... well... they are only good for managing what is already there. So, I will say this... "Way to go Ng Chee Meng! I am rooting for you!"

On a more personal note, if I were made Minister of the MOE , I expect that the prospect would scare the bejesus out of hundreds of thousands of people because of the rather unconventional ideas I have about education... and how stubborn I am about them... and how I won't bend to pressures from this or that friend/relative/connection to betray my aims and ideas about education. On top of being as idealistic as Ng Chee Meng, I happen to be batshit crazy too (judging from the way I run my tuition centre). I would be a totally unknown entity... a wild card... a loose cannon and someone destabilising. Within MOE, there would be mass rebellion amongst senior staff because they would accuse me of inexperience, incompetence.... and of course, batshit craziness.

The Man America Needs
Well, that's Trump. The man is batshit crazy and ready to do battle with many processes, policies and institutions that the DNC's considerable power structure seeks to maintain to the detriment of the American people and the profit of American companies. It is his lack of experience that makes him strong. He can see where the system no longer fits American ideals. Too much experience blinkers the sight.

Then, someone else sent me the following picture...

This moved me, partly because I had prayed and asked God about Trump. God's answer was simple, "I picked him." In truth, if you had watched how the American elections transpired, Trump was clearly David against Goliath. The entire media establishment was against him. It was Clinton who had all the journalists in her pocket. She was the Washington and New York Godmother (think Mario Puzo's Godfather). The Republicans' establishment was against him too. Even the polls were against him. Lastly, Trump's campaign was underfunded.

Yet, he won.

God Equips the Unqualified
When someone unqualified is picked for a job, then that is the time to expect miracles from God. I remember the moment when I realised that I should pray for the chance to influence the direction of Singapore's education policy. I don't think I ever felt more unqualified. Bloggers aren't even proper journalists you know.  Yet, miracles did happen that are today reality.

I believe in miracles. I believe that God does not call the qualified to His work, but He equips the UNqualified. I speak this from personal experience. God can see into a man's heart. Even if the whole world misunderstands and excoriates, God knows a man's heart. Even if the whole world praises and adores, God still knows a  man's heart.

Furthermore, God is still sovereign - click HERE. If He picked Trump despite all the odds stacked against Trump, God must have His reasons.

Still, I was not immune to the media lynching of Trump and when I saw the Orange Head declared the President-Elect, I got the heebie-jeebies... and experienced some revulsion. Visions appeared in my head of President Trump making pussy grabbing part of White House protocol.

Trump as President-Elect
Then, I told myself to wait. How Trump behaved afterwards gave me some reason to rejoice.

(1) He did not blame the protesters protesting his Presidency. He blamed the media. I don't blame him. The media has picked out anything and everything he did wrong and amplified it.

(2) He actually tweeted a 2nd tweet praising the protesters as people who love the country.

(3) He back-tracked on putting Hillary Clinton in jail. Would a truly vindictive man do that?

(4) He seems quite reasonable now - Click HERE.

Trump Stands to Gain Nothing from the Presidency
Think about it further. Trump has all the fame he wants already. He has all the money a man could ever need. Being President of the United States is hardly a lucrative job. On top of that, Trump spent his wealth on his campaign. He took money from his own pocket to fund his campaign. He lost money. Thomas Jefferson was a wealthy man before he became the President of the United States. He was quite quite poor after his terms as President. The American Presidency is not known for enriching Presidents.

Why in tarnation would Trump want to run for President for pure self-gain? He has nothing to gain. Have you even seen his Trump Tower apartment? It drips with gold! The man sits on Louis XIV chairs and eats off gold plates and drinks from gold cups. Moving into the White House is to downgrade. He is even thinking of flying home to Trump Tower every weekend, so loath is he to leave his Trump Tower home.

The man is taking on all of America's problems in a money losing and lifestyle downgrading endeavour. Fella is in his 70s. CEOs of American control more resources than the Prime Minister of Singapore. Do you wonder why none of the American CEOs choose to run for President?

Except silly old Trump.

If God has picked His man, He will equip His choice of instrument. You can throw Trump in with the lions and impeach him in a court of hell, Trump will still emerge unscathed. This is what I think.

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