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Monday, November 14, 2016

Random Results: 2016

Hi-Potential Kid

Totally unexpected result.

GEP kid

This one almost failed compo in early P5.

This child was dreamy and playful. I am proud of his improvement too, despite the fact that he did not top his class.


Malar said...

Wow! You create magic in the student Petunia! You have such a special touch! I would have sent my kids too if i'm in Singapore.
Anyway I still learn online from you from teaching toddler to accept kindergarten, to study , kefir, etc! You're super woman!

AlasMyDear said...

Dr Pet, sorry to bother you on your holiday, I hope you see this only after you return!

Are your 2016 classes open for registration already? we are waiting earnestly for a spot. We could do with a good dose of bat-shit craziness and some compo help! My kid spends all day in school reading, and interacts with few people. She is bored and has disengaged from school work and the teachers leave her alone because she gets everything correct anyway, unless she is careless.

But her compo is atrocious and boring. We wonder why all the reading is not coming across in the compo writing. Her teacher says she writes predictable essays with inappropriate conclusions, and advise her to stop reading model compo books! I have little idea what to do to help her anymore.

Petunia Lee said...

AlasMyDear... do I already have your application form and emmmm... have we yet had the talk on the disadvantages of the programme? Not every childparent pair will do well with me and I try to have that chat with parents so that they will not waste money unnecessarily if my batshit crazy methods don't fit with their learning style. It is a more ethical approach all around, than to feed off parent hope and not be able to deliver results eventually. By that time, it would be too late for parents to find alternatives. Parents trust me and I cannot bear to betray this trust so I try to put all the cards on the table for parents to make informed decisions. If I don't have your application form, please send it in so that I have your phone number and can call you when I return from holidays (if there is a vacancy).

Also, many people don't get my email replies... my emails end up in spam... so do be sure to check your spam OR leave a number for me to call (when a vacancy appears).

Petunia Lee said...

Malar, thank you for your kind compliments!