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Friday, December 11, 2015

Bar Santos, Cordoba

You go up to the bar and order your tapas. They serve it to you on plastic plates with plastic forks and spoons. The food is hot but you eat it standing up outside the bar, on the street. We fed four people with SGD$30. The food was tasty.

Bar Santos is right outside the Mesquite de Cordoba (the famous Cordoba mosque with a church built inside it).

There was a gypsy girl begging for euros. Pigeons flew over my shoulders. A pickpocket had positioned himself near the pile of bags we had placed on the ledge I was sitting on. I asked Smelly Boy to stand between the suspicious man and our bags, and the man walked away. Thenceforth, we sat in a circle with our bags in the middle of us.

Potato Tortilla

Meatballs on Potato.

Salted Cod Potato Salad.

Salmonerejos (a cold purée of tomato, bread, topped with bacon and eggs)

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