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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

El Ricio: Cowboy Town

There is an entire village in Spain that possesses no tarred roads. The ground is all sand because sand is easier on horses' hooves. The people in this village still use horses as a primary mode of transport.

A rather simple church stands in the middle of the village which houses a very special Madonna statue that dates from the 13th century. El Rocio is a significant place of Catholic pilgrimage. On certain festival days, it attracts millions of people from all over Spain and even the rest of the world, who come to venerate the Virgin Mary of El Ricio.

Inside the church, I found a Nativity Scene set up on a table measuring 36 sqm. It is the most kick ass big Nativity Scene I have ever seen. It needed 2 videos and 18 photos to capture its entirety.

Warming up the horse in the morning.

Drive the horse and buggy out to lunch.

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