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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Seville, Quirky Apartment

The Husband commended me on my apartment rentals. He said, "Each new rental is better than the last." The owner of this apartment is an interior designer. She sources about for antiques and refurbishes them with a twist. An old 17th century armchair is re-upholstered with whimsical designs and the gaping hole in the back left empty. Bright green rhinoceros lamps look down upon the kitchen. The chandeliers in the living room is made of assorted antique saucers and teacups. The chandelier in the dining room is made of old milk bottles.

Part of the fun of travelling these days is to be able to live in other people's apartments for a while. Every one has their own particular tastes and fancies. To live in a place someone else decorated, is to experience being them for a while.

Once in a while, you meet someone who decorates with artistry and a sense of humour.

This apartment is a collection of curated antiques updated with humour. I actually laughed out loud in the bathroom when I turned in the shower and saw a red goldfish ornament. It was such a surprising sight against the plain grey marble walls. Then, I noticed that it was a technique. Even the kitchen storage is arranged to have a splash of colour amidst a clutter of grey and white.

You can book this apartment HERE.

The armchair in the far corner has a huge gaping oval hole in its back. It is upholstered with black polka dots on white. There is an antique commode repurposed with a sink.

A chandelier made of antique saucers and teacups.

Bright green rhinoceros lamps in the kitchen

The chair on the left is entirely covered in woollen string of multiple colours.

Milk bottle chandelier.

Splash of red against grey, white and colourless.

The entrance to the apartment. The building was originally the home of one wealthy family in the 17th century. Nowadays, these old buildings are divided up into numerous smaller apartments. However, one still gets a sense of the bygone splendour. The floor under the skylight is marble!!

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