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Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Chua Kee Restaurant, Gelang Patah

Best black pepper crab I have ever had... flesh is succulent and sweet... and fills the shell. Very meaty crabs. This restaurant has very good suppliers and a definite core competence in crab selection.

Salted Egg Tofu (the tofu is made in-house)

Lohan Zai

Parrot fish steamed Teochew style

New Chua Kee Restaurant
17 to 19, Jalan Nusaria 4/6, Taman Nusa Tara, 81550 Gelang Patah, Johor

We paid only $11/person. The parrot fish came as a shock. The lady recommended a fish with a Hokkien name. Since I am not exactly very conversant in Hokkien, I just said OK. It was fresh but I don't think I will eat parrot fish again. It is too pretty to be eaten.

The tofu was a treat. I haven't eaten salted egg anything for a long while. Salted egg anything is usually cooked with a crispy coating made of flour, which will give me diarrhoea and sleepiness for about 5 days. This dish has no flour and plenty of salted egg.

The JB food quality and prices are re-making me into a food snob.

The Husband won't eat the fish I steam anymore. In contrast, he wolfs down the steamed fish at New Chua Kee. I think I need to up my fish steaming skills.

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