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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Joys of Internet Shopping

I know I have come to it very late because other ladies are veritable veterans by now, but I have just discovered the joys of internet shopping.

It began when I realised that if I ordered grass-fed beef online, I would pay $20 less per kg than if I bought beef tenderloin at the supermarket. I searched for seafood and almost expired with joy when I found I could buy New Zealand mussels, USA scallops, pomfrets, threadfins and groupers at very reasonable prices. Then I found that I could buy organic chickens online too!

Organic chickens: Kee Song.

Grass-fed beef: QB Foods.

Seafood: Song Fish.

Eating high quality meat uncontaminated by antibiotics has helped me on the road to recovery. Antibiotics in meat increase the levels of oestrogen in my body. My levels of oestrogen made me ill. I had mood swings. My face was so oily that I had to wash it every hour. Oestrogen interfered with my thyroid. I was always tired and no matter how I worked out or how little I ate, I piled on the kilos.

I have lost weight now just by ensuring that I eat as much organic meat as I can. Yes, yes... I know that conventional wisdom dictates that I need to eat more vegetables. However, my thyroid condition needs meat. My largely vegetarian diet in the past made me ill. Unfortunately, the residual antibiotics in most meat products were bad for me too.

So now, I eat organic meat.

It has of course helped that I flee stressors. Anything which looks like stress that I cannot handle, I avoid. I quickly retreat into my cocoon of comfort. It is not my problem. It is not my job. Let someone else bear the load. The poor Husband has been on pretty much the receiving end of my tai-chi. From a wife who did everything and more, I have become a wife who throws some things back at him.

I say "No", and I am getting quite good at saying "No" now.

So this year, 2014, was the year of recovery. I had decided this from 1st January 2014. By and large, I  have delivered on this new year resolution. I have made substantive changes to my lifestyle. I am very careful about what I put into my mouth. I have jettisoned people with a negative outlook... or quarrelsome people... or people who need a lot a lot a lot of emotional support ... or people who insist they cannot do whatever it is that is good for them. You cannot? Not my problem. My health comes first.

I have thus turned my back on work/home tasks that stress me. I have learnt not to push my limits. Let other people be strong because I am not. With all these changes, I am much stronger now than in October 2013. Yay! Last year's October, I had to mark student HW in bed, lying down because I could not get up out of bed.

Then, my cup of joy overflowed. I discovered clothes online!

At first, I was afraid that they would not fit well. I then realised that there were free return policies and the prices were so very good. Dresses that would cost upwards of $120 could be bought for under $50 online. I made 1 or 2 tentative orders and then got myself well and truly HOOKED!

I love Zalora and Ministry of Retail.

2 dresses (that fit well) for under SGD$100. Today, I bought 2 faux leather handbags (a backpack and a shopping bag) for less than SGD$90. Oh joy! Oh joy! 2 large bags for about the same price as this wallet!

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