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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

$30 for 10 Years

$30... It has seen better days and is falling apart from having been stuffed indiscriminately with receipts and cards and more cards and stamps and coins.

I hoped to find another $30 wallet. Fat hope! The best I could do was $89. Since just about every store and boutique has a Loyalty Card programme, I decided to buy a card holder to hold all those cards that contributed to the demise of my old wallet. The sales ladies said that the wallet is made of real leather and therefore, expensive. I bought Little Boy a sheep leather wallet for all of $30 in the Cotswolds, United Kingdom. Things in Singapore are so expensive.

I still feel sore. $89 just for a wallet. Sheesh! I don't really need a real leather wallet. Imitation leather would be fine. I just need the required compartments and all. Unfortunately, when I asked to see imitation leather wallets the sales ladies stepped back and sniffed "We don't sell imitation leather."

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