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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beware the Rape Culture of Harvard and Yale

It appears that the following text grabs come from materials used in JC for sex education. These are teens... with hormones... at an age of sexual imprinting and our JCs teach them that a woman says the opposite of what she means?


Look at how ridiculous the translations of female speak are! It appears that women say "I am NOT upset" when we mean "I am upset." I swear to you that when Petunia is upset she will tell you she is upset, in very unambiguous terms.

Right now, I am upset and I DO NOT mean the opposite of that!

Look at this! The boys and men say what they mean and mean what they say? Just 3 weeks ago, a 1.8m tall macho man building contractor said "Later I send you quotation." when he actually meant "Never I send you quotation."

Girls say "No" when we mean "Yes"? We also say "Yes" when we mean "No"? What are we? Too dumb to understand what "Yes" and "No" mean?

I CANNOT believe that these ideas have made it all the way to our society from USA. We see such stereotypes on 9Gag all the time. They're for laughs and I laugh right along. Those are jokes! Some idiot obviously took jokes to mean the real thing!

Women say "No" when we mean "Yes"? 神精病!

I don't know who wrote this ridiculous curriculum about male and female differences. If the author is a gal I wonder what she would feel if she says to her male friend, "NO... I don't want to have sex with you." and the nice gentleman takes it to mean "Yes". If the author is a guy I wonder how he would feel if his daughter/sister/mother says to her male friend "NO... I don't want to have sex with you" and he takes it to mean "Yes".

This kind of stereotypes run riot in the USA. That is why Harvard and Yale have a rape culture. Surely we do not want such a culture in our JCs! I am going to Little Boy's room right this moment to tell him that a woman's "No" means "No". Else, my boy could get a jail term for rape if he thinks a woman's "No" means "Yes"!!

Imagine how interesting it would be when a woman buys a burger at McDonald's.

Server: Would you like a burger?
Woman: No (but she means "Yes")
Server: What would you like?
Woman: A double cheeseburger please.
Server: You would like a double cheeseburger, ma'am?
Woman: No (but she means "Yes")
Server: Oh! So what would you like?
Woman: A double cheeseburger please.
Server: Did you just say you wanted a double cheeseburger?
Woman: No (but she means "Yes")

Aiyoooo... like that ahhhhh... one burger can take 2 weeks to buy! On what planet did the authors of that material grow up? Who in tarnation wrote this sex education handbook? What is MOE doing? And to all of The Daughter's male friends who are reading this... when my daughter says "No", she means "No" and if you insist, her Mom has a pair of garden shears to back her up.


Post-Script 1
Emmmm... it turns out that the course was a Relationship Management course to help boys and girls understand each other.

FotF head of corporate communications Ms Vicky Ho said that the workshop "is designed to be a relationship programme to help young people unravel the world of the opposite sex, uncover the truths of love and dating, and reveal what it takes to have healthy and meaningful relationships." 

Let me put it this way. This is the most stupid excuse I have ever heard. For the majority of the JC students, a male-female relationship will one day (with that special person) lead to sex. A Relationship Management course that teaches that women mean "Yes" when they say "No", covers the lead-up to sex along with other things.

The course deals with truths of love and dating? TRUTHS? TRUTHS? 

The truth is that it SHOULD NOT teach girls it is alright to say "No" but mean "Yes". Boys, if you meet a girl who plays games with you by saying "No" when she means "Yes", drop her like a hot potato, or call her out. It is unethical to play with men/boys like that. Some girls do it. The girls who will make good wives and girlfriends won't.

Post-Script 2
Then there are people who think that Agatha Tan is over reacting because these are jokes. Come on... this was a bona fide course teaching young and inexperienced people who may mistake joke for reality. If you wanna joke, do it at stand-up comedy in Bugis Street (with adults in attendance), not in a course that sells itself as a course to teach youths about gender relationships. MOE paid good money for stand-up comedy in the name of education?

Thank God Agatha Tan has some faculty of critical thinking!!

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