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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wombat Boy

Little Boy is now called Wombat. This is because he behaves just like one. When he was little, he was loving and affectionate. Just like the affectionate wombat in the video herein below.

This was Wombat Boy back then.

Then, Little Boy grew up. Like a true wombat, he became grumpy and territorial. He is extra grumpy when he has a lot of work scheduled. He grunts responses at me and if I dare to even ask a leeeetle question, he makes this irritated sound... purses his lips and looks like he is about to explode, and is barely holding it in.

That was what happened last Friday.

It was the start of the March holidays and like any loving Momma, I went and asked him if he and I should do something together. For so many years I have lived my life prepared to drop it all during the holidays so that I can be with my son. It took me a while and 2 grunts, plus an exasperated sniff... to realise that Wombat Boy has no time for me.

He had 2 camps to go too. He had to train for competition everyday... and he wanted to study for the May exams because during the school term, there is so much training he has no time to study.

I'm not the only one having adjustment issues. The Husband has the habit of taking half days here and there during the school holidays to spend time with his son. So... he took 2 half days this week only to realise that Wombat Boy has no time for him.

Oh well... I guess The Husband and I will just spend time together. Kekekekekeke!

This is Wombat Boy now.

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Malar said...

The wombat look so cute! The little boy has a very tight schedule! It's time for both you now!