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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Finally Safe from Poisoned Cookies!

I first wrote about Little T HERE as the terror who had wanted to give Poisoned Cookies to some people on Teachers' Day. Needless to say, my instinct for self-preservation kicked in on Teachers' Day. Instead of accepting gifts, I asked the children to place a cash gift in a bag for the SPCA's building fund. I received an email from Little T's Mommy last Friday...

He has come a looooong way since the days when he plotted to poison his Teachers. I think his Mommy should be real proud of herself. Without a determined Mommy, I am useless. I can advise on how to motivate. It was Mommy who made the miracle happen. She thinks I made a miracle. 

Actually, she did.

In this email, she makes it look like I made a miracle.

In this email, it is clear that SHE made a miracle.

Well done Mommy!

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