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Thursday, March 6, 2014

NTUC Finest at Thomson Plaza

For years, I thought that Cold Storage was THE place to shop. It had friendly service and an excellent selection of quality meats. That was, until I experienced Cold Storage in Yishun. Somehow, shopping there made me feel like I was an unwelcome intrusion. This was especially true of that outlet's beef counter.

But oh well... I bore with the sour service because I need beef.

Then oh joy... oh joy... oh joy... I discovered NTUC Finest at Thomson Plaza. It is such a happy place to shop at! Last week, a 2m tall cleaner paused in the middle of mopping the floor to help me lift my humongous threadfin onto the counter. He chatted cheerfully with me as he did so. I apologised for bothering me and he said it was no bother at all.

The beef counter is heaven. There is angus beef, grain fed beef and grass fed beef. The signages are clearer and more informative. Every butcher that has served me in the past 3 months knew his meat. Which was wet aged and for how long. Which was dry aged and for how long. They were fast, professional and friendly. The meat is handed to me either vacuum packed OR in parchment paper, NOT cling wrap.

I also love the seafood counter. Again, I've been served by different people each time I've been there. One group of Malay aunties talk to me like this "Sayang... you come back later ok? I need time to filet." Isn't it nice to be called "Sayang"? Today, it was a middle-aged Chinese man. It wouldn't do for him to call me "Sayang" right? So, he did not. He did, however, bowl me over with his graciousness. After I was done choosing my fish, I noticed that I had messed up his display. I apologised for it. Guess what this lovely man said! "Miss... [wow... he called me Miss] dun worry about messing it up! If you dun mess it up, I would have no job!"

It was SUCH a gracious and gentlemanly response to put a lady at her ease. For just a moment, I envisioned myself in a ball gown hanging on this man's arm entering a ballroom. With his fine manners, he could have held his own in the company of any pipe smoking gentleman in coat tails.

Cold Storage Yishun is nearer my house but hey... if I am gonna spend $700 per trip on meat, fish and groceries, I don't really mind driving 10 minutes further for a better all round experience. Hence, I've not stepped into Cold Storage Yishun in months.

Here are the butchers. It doesn't matter who serves you. They're all very pro.

There's that gracious and gentlemanly fishmonger.

See how well he has arranged his fish display. I love how well he has packed the fish with ice. It speaks of thoroughness and a quest for perfection even in the small things.

More fish in his beautiful display

My 2 threadfins and 3 red snappers all nicely filleted and packed in ice.

This quiet lady always has a gentle and shy smile for me.


kay said...

Hi Petunia, I came to your blog from the links at Renotalk. I find your place rather familiar, do you happen to stay around Springleaf?

Petunia Lee said...

No... I don't.