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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sterilising the Airconditioner With Ozone

Novita Air Steriliser

I first wrote about sterilising the air conditioner HERE. Air conditioner cleanliness is a big thing for us because The Husband's nose shuts down when the air is polluted with fungal spores. For 20 years already, I have been sterilising the air conditioner on a weekly basis with jets of hot steam from the Karcher jet steamer. It did work. It kept the air conditioner reasonably clean. I have a rather keen sense of smell and could detect a light mould smell even after cleaning. The mould smell would get progressively heavier as the week progressed, and then it was time to clean the air con again. However, the Husband's nose did not protest and I had no better solution.

Till last week...

Last week, after steaming the air conditioners, I decided to use an ozone generator to sterilise the vents and ducts. The Novita Air steriliser comes with an air purifying function and an air sterilising (i.e., ozone generation) function. It occurred to me that at full ozone blast X 2 machines X 6 hours, I could generate enough ozone to sterilise BOTH the air conditioners (switched on to Fan Function) in our bedroom.

It worked marvellously well. After the treatment, the unit gave off not one whiff of mould smell. After one week, there is only a slight mould smell. So now, I shall ozonify the air conditioners once a week.

Ozone is poisonous to the human lungs. Whenever I switch on the air sterilising function of the Novita Air Steriliser, I make sure no human/pet stays in the room. The instructions state that at very low ozone settings, there is not enough ozone to harm the lungs. Supposedly, it is safe to stay in the room. I never take that chance. If the levels of ozone are too low to harm your lungs, they are not high enough to kill fungal spores and bacteria in the air. If the levels of ozone are high enough to kill fungal spores and bacteria, then our lungs are in danger too.

With no one in the room, I close all the doors and windows. I switch 2 machines on to full ozone blast. This ensures that there is enough ozone build-up to be toxic to mould and bacteria. The air conditioners are switched on to Fan Function so that they will suck in ozone and blow it out again. As the ozone circulates through all vents and ducts for 6 hours, it will oxidise every single bacteria and fungal spore in there.

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