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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Clan Restaurant

Lovely Décor and Ambiance.

Chef's Platter: Duck Rillettes.

Chef's Platter: Grilled Scallop.

Chef's Platter: Sesame Prawn Rice Salad.

Chef's Platter with all 3 of the Above

Alaskan King Crab Cold Dish.

Soft Shell Crab Starter.

Kurobuta Pork Belly Starter.

Mushroom Soup and Miso Soup.

Marbled Beef Slices on a Hot Stone.

Duck Confit.

Panna Cotta.

Chocolate Lava Cake with Almond Gelato.

I highly recommend this restaurant. It's $65.80 for the 6 course meal. We were there at lunch, but we ordered the 6 course dinner meal instead. The 5 course meal costs $45.80. Check out the rest of their menu HERE.

Each bite was a delight. We didn't order anything that we hadn't eaten elsewhere before. Every course compared very favorably with similar dishes elsewhere. There are restaurants that charge twice this price for food that is less well made and not so well presented.

I almost asked to see The Chef. The next time I go, I will ask to see The Chef, just so that I can actually TALK to the person who makes magic happen on my tongue. The grilled scallop was done just right, moist and warm with a burst of flavour from the tiny grains of sea salt. The prawn rice salad was just the right combination of sticky, sweet, savory and creamy... with interest lent to it by black and white sesame seeds.

I didn't much like the looks of the soft shell crab. It looked a lot like a fritter and I don't like fritters. The Husband raved about it though. The Husband almost never raves about anything. 

I've never even heard him rave about me.

The Kurobuta Pork Belly was tastiness in every bite. I was quite sorry when I had eaten all of it. Oh boy! The mushroom soup! Cacio e Pepe served great mushroom soup. This one was better if that's even possible. The Husband liked his miso soup too. According to him "It's different from most miso soups." I tasted a bit and I think they've used salmon in the soup stock.

Then came the pièce de résistance. Mine was perfectly marbled beef on an autumn leaf, laid atop a hot stone. This made me think of the Hakone ryokan kaiseki dinners. Anyway, the meat was melt in your mouth tender. The Husband looked up from his Duck Confit and asked to trade a bit of duck for a bit of marbled beef.

Oooooooh... the duck was good too. Halfway through those 2 main courses I decided that I had died and gone to heaven. Then, came dessert. Panna cotta - best I've EVER had ANYWHERE. Chocolate lava cake - just LOOK at the photo! The lava oozed out so seductively that The Husband looked at my face and lovingly said, "You can have all of it."

I gave him a leeeeeeeetle of it.

In the car, The Husband said, "The next time we go back there...." I didn't hear the 2nd half of the sentence because I was focusing on the words "The next time we go back there..."


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh... I.Want.To.Go....

Rachel Tan said...

I have just called to make a reservation. Heh.