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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Teeny Tiny Puppy

3 Weeks Old Puppy.

Puppy On Puppy Mat.

The Children's Teachers' Day Donations.

The SPCA called up yesterday and gave me a puppy to foster for 2 months.

It really is the cutest little thing. It can't even walk properly and I'm not sure it can see very well. It likes to crawl on my lap and fall asleep there. The vet said that it can actually lap meals from a bowl. I've found that it really doesn't eat much that way. It has to be bottle fed.

Teachers' Day has just gone past. I didn't think there was much meaning in receiving a whole lot of Teachers' Day gifts so I adapted an idea from The Husband. In the past, he didn't much like receiving personal corporate gifts either so he made clear to all the organisations that had dealings with HIS organisation that there was such-and-such a charity they could donate some money to... and be given a Letter of Acknowledgement that they could then mail to him, as his personal corporate gift.

Imagine all the money that could go to charity if corporations donated money (instead of buying tea sets or gold ornaments of hundreds of dollars) to show their appreciation for such and such an individual or another? Over the years, we've collected all manner of gifts (tea sets, jewelry, Balmain handbags, large golden sculptures, small gold sculptures, pendants, hampers of abalone and towers of moon cakes). The Husband and I looked upon all that as a waste of money except for the obvious sincerity that came with the gift. The money could thus go to charity and the sincere gesture of friendship could still come to us.

Perfect use of resources!

I told the kids to bring a little bit of their pocket money. Then, we passed around a collection bag. The children donated a LOT MORE than I thought they would, given that they're only children. I'm very proud of their generosity indeed!! Well done children!! You've just made a lovely donation to the SPCA Building Fund!

Animals have a place in God's world too.


My Sinfonia said...

wonderful idea Pet. Well done!

Wen-ai said...

That's a great idea! ;)