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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Home Made Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

The Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Churning Inside the Ice Cream Maker

The Melted Concoction

Melting Dark Chocolate, Milk, Whipping Cream and Condensed Milk in a Bain-Marie

The Ingredients from NTUC

300ml can of evaporated milk
600ml of whipped cream
300ml of whole fat milk
110g of chocolate
2 tablespoons on mini chocolate chips

(1) Boil a large pot of water. Insert a smaller pot inside the boiling water. Place 110g of chocolate in the smaller pot. The chocolate will slowly melt.

(2) Dribble whole fat milk into the chocolate slowly. Stir constantly with a fork.

(3) Dribble the whipped cream into the chocolate + milk mixture. Stir constantly with a fork.

(4) Refrigerate the mixture overnight.

(5) Pop it into the ice cream churner.  Churn 20 minutes. Please follow your own ice-cream maker's instructions.

Funny Egg-Shaped Machine from Kenwood - $108.
It has and internal COLD POT that you need to freeze for 24 hours before you put The Cream Mix inside to churn. Please don't go and touch the inside of the COLD POT with your fingers. I went and did that and suffered a cold burn.

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