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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Niao Niao Again

Niao Niao getting some morning sun.

Niao Niao getting some morning exercise pecking grain.

Niao Niao is fast on the mend. Its feathers have grown back and whenever it hears Grandma's voice, it'll get all excited, ruffling its feathers and moving its shoulders up and down... rather like a child who is hopping from one foot to another in anticipation of a nice toy. Niao Niao anticipates a treat of worms... bread... oatmeal or rice grains.

Grandma is trying to teach Niao Niao how to fly. Go figure how that's done eh... 'cos Grandma the octogenarian has never flown anywhere (at least not with her own wings). Someone pointed out that I did teach Little Boy Potato Chinese(R) even though I know not a single word of Chinese. I maintain that this Niao Niao case is completely different. Firstly, I can SPEAK Chinese even if I can't read it. Grandma can neither speak nor write pigeon. Secondly, I can TEACH languages because I was trained to teach French as a Foreign Language, and English... AND I have a basic degree in Linguistics so I can actually deconstruct ANY language... even those I don't speak. I spent an entire university semester deconstructing Russian and Swahili. It's like a rabbit dissection, except that you cut languages apart.

Grandma is no aeronautical engineer, and is not trained to deconstruct flight.

Niao Niao has grown attached to the INSIDE of Grandma's house. Grandma puts it outside to sun and exercise, but come nightfall, Niao Niao will insist to go back inside the house by pecking on the glass windows. Oh thank heavens we have a dual key system, and whilst we live together in the same house, Grandma has her own space and I have mine. I would go ballistic if I had to share my space with a pigeon.


Malar said...

Grandma is just so kind lady to take care of a bird!;)

Wen-ai said...

Haha... NiaoNiao is becoming a pet!