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Monday, July 15, 2013

Elderflower and Gymnema Herbal Teas

2 large packets of herbal tea

I was so thrilled to find a Singapore supplier of herbal teas HERE that sells the elderflower. I have previously blogged about the elderflower HERE. My blogger friend OpenKitchenConcept also blogged about it HERE.

I brought home a dozen bottles of the elderflower from our trip to Tasmania. Hot or cold, it was a delicious drink, especially with a squeeze of lemon. When the bottles were all drunk up, I went to buy more from Ikea. Unfortunately, I didn't at all like the taste of these, even though lemon was pre-added to the cordial, and it saved me an extra step.

Unlike the cordial from Tasmania, the cordial from Ikea was high on sugar and low on floral tastes.

Hence I was happy to find the dried flowers on sale at Herbal Sense Life. The tea brewed from the flowers did not disappoint in the least. The floral scent was strong and calming. My body reacts badly to sugar intake so I was pleased to note that even unsweetened, the dried flowers steeped out to a flavorful tea. The tea is supposed to chase away colds and clear the respiratory tract. It is traditionally used to alleviate the symptoms of asthma sufferers. See more HERE.

I bought another tea called the Gymnema. It's something traditionally used by diabetics to normalize blood sugar levels. I don't have diabetes but I am over sensitive to sugar. This tea is not as delicious as the elderflower but I like the way it prevents me from getting sleepy after lunch. It's not bad tasting.

The Husband and I went for a walk last evening and we stopped by a charming café. I couldn't order anything though because they only had caffeinated teas and coffees, which are both not good for hypothyroidism. If only cafés sold healthful herbal teas too.


Juliet said...

Hi I was browsing through the Google to find elder-flower tea. I saw your link to the supplier but I'm not able to get the link through. Appreciate if you send the contact. Thank you so much.

Petunia Lee said...

Juliet - Just google Herbal Sense Life.