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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Niao Niao

The poor pigeon Grandma rescued a few days ago, now has a name - Niao Niao.

It's left wing is broken and its left foot damaged. It now lives in a laundry basket with layers of newspapers and a small water dish tied to the corner. Grandma is very diligent about removing the newspaper layer by layer everytime she sees pigeon poop. Grandpa says the birdie is a baby birdie because instead of cooing like adult pigeons do, this one cheeps like a baby bird. The skin along its vertebrae is exposed and there are cuts also. Something must have torn off it feathers and scratched Niao Niao's back.

Every morning Niao Niao is put outside in the garden for an hour or two to walk about and get healthful exercise. Grandma will scatter rice grains on the floor and Niao Niao will spend its time picking them off the floor. Grandma watches dotingly.

Petunia told Grandma that once fattened up, we could all have pigeon soup. Grandma said "Well... if it lays eggs, we could just eat the eggs."

Petunia replied, "It might be a male. Males don't lay eggs. If it's male, we'll eat it ok?"

Grandma stayed silent.

Hmmmmm... looks like this birdie has just joined the family for the long haul, unless it's wing heals and it learns to fly. Oh well... at least it keeps Grandma occupied and happy. We now have a dog, a pigeon, Arctic shrimps, a large turtle (that Grandpa rescued) and many pretty fishes. There are also 3 cats and 1 mynah that'll come when called.

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