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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beef Rendang

The Husband has been eating confinement food with me, with very little enthusiasm. To mollify his taste buds I made him a stash of beef rendang. It's important to feed The Husband properly. Else, he gets grumpy.

The finished dish.

The rempah: 2 bulbs of garlic, 12 dried chillis (soaked and seeded), 4 lemon grass (white parts only), 12 shallots, 2 thumb sized lumps of galangal (or blue ginger) and 2 thumb sized lumps of ginger

Fry the rempah in the wok till fragrant.

Fry the beef in the rempah until every piece is nicely brown.

Place in the thermal pot with 500ml of coconut milk and 250ml of tamarind water (4 teaspoons of tamarind paste mixed in water). Or enough water to submerge the meat. Bring to a boil. Place in the thermal insulator for 6 hours. Every 2 hours, remove and bring to a quick boil again.

Once the meat is soft and fall apart tender, pour the whole pot into a large wok and fry until the gravy runs thick and dry.

Pour 150g of minced coconut into the wok (or a non stick pan). Do not use oil. Dry fry until brown. This is the kerisik.

Here is what the kerisik should look like when almost done. Next, add the kerisik to the beef rendang and fry for about 5 minutes more. Ensure that the gravy is thick and almost gone.


Blur Ting said...

LOL, I know that look. CH gives that look too when I go almost vegetarian on some days. :)

Petunia Lee said...

Ting - Yup! That look!

Rachel Tan said...

Hohoho the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Burp!