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Thursday, October 6, 2011

You Will BOTH Learn Respect

Okay... I don't care what the internet says about dogs fighting it out. One dog bit the other this morning and blood was drawn. It dripped all over the front porch. So, regardless of what is natural to dogs, mine are going to learn house rules. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, should be using teeth on anything but food.

"Do I bite you?" I asked both of them darn dawgs. "Now, if I don't bite you, then you don't bite each other... and you don't bite anyone else. Understand?" Of course, both of them looked at me and wagged their tails slightly whilst cocking their heads to the side, puzzled.

But well... it's the end of the day, and they're starting to get what I mean. I managed to catch Toffee taking a good bite out of Milo. I've seen her do that before. She takes a nice mouthful and runs off like some cheeky monkey. She LOVES Milo's enraged response. This time though, I was ready 'cos I was waiting for her to provoke Milo. Like lightning, my cane flashed out and bit Toffee's bum. Milo looked at me and wondered if he had done anything wrong because he, I suppose, was contemplating some retaliatory action. So both ran. I followed them to the back and glared at both whilst both settled into a curl and looked subdued.

When The Daughter got home, she started off another fight. She had Toffee on her lap, whilst Milo nuzzled her hair... and the spunky puppy reached up and took a nice nip at his throat. We bit her again on the butt. She got the message that we intend that she respect Milo. Then, at dinner, I fed them both together. Milo finished first and was rushing for Toffee's bowl. He got bitten instead.

They're careful now not to jaw each other, at least in my presence. Jawing is not acceptable in my house, and since our house is a haven of peace and tranquillity, I will not allow my dogs to eat each other, even though they're naturally dog-eat-dog. In this house, we will learn to give way... sit politely when food comes... and never ever snatch food or attention. And when dogs fight, I will bite both with my cane.

This is a trick that every Mommy knows. If the kids fight, we punish BOTH.

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