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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Milo is such a giant with such a loud bark that we worried for Toffee at first. A few times, he frightened Toffee so badly that she rolled right around and exposed her tummy and screamed. This usually happens when she wanders into his "room". Somehow, he has designated for himself the step outside the back door as his space. There is a cosy covered patio there surrounded by wall on 3 sides and an iron gate on the fourth. I suppose Milo feels safe there. It's his own bachelor's pad I guess.

Toffee has taken over the front porch. She sprawls out there legs akimbo and sleeps the sleep of a baby. I've put out a fleece blacket so that she has something warm to lie upon on cold nights, that I can easily wash and sterilise in the clothes dryer. And Toffee has pretty much taken Milo's Paddington Bear for herself. She hugs Paddington with one paw and then puts her head on it. I don't suppose Milo could object without making himself look like a sissy. Paddington got all wet today because it rained but she is still snuggling up to it. Bleah!!

Lately though, the two have been playing rather rough with each other and whilst Milo has been taught since young to jaw gently, Toffee has no such compunctions. We were dismayed when we saw her grab a nice mouthful of fur and hold on tight. We told her off but she kept on doing it.

We muzzled her.

Then, we googled a little and Google informed us that playfighting is normal, and that dogs will tell each other when biting is too hard... and this way, they learn what NOT to do. Gee... I hope that Google is right 'cos those little teeth can deliver a nice hard nip if we're not careful.

I can't help it but I have flashbacks to when my kids were small and Little Boy went at his sister with his fists. I wonder if throwing Milo away in the same way that I threw The Daughter away here... would make Toffee appreciate Milo more. Hmmmmm?


Wen-ai said...

Haha... Hrm, I dont think the throwing-Milo-away strategy will work tho, but no harm trying!

Malar said...

May be Toffee will learn soon!
By the way could you write for me in chinese character for Astragalus. The lady in the shop does not understand me....may be i pronounce it wrongly....sigh.....

Blur Ting said...

They will sort it out themselves. I had been to Noah's Ark in JB where hundreds (or thousands) of dogs live together harmoniously. We always had several dogs in our kampong house and they don't attack each other. I think male dogs tend to treat their lady friends well too. Well, Rusty is quite a gentleman when he's with a female dog.