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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Prosperous Kitchen

On the 3rd floor of the Sembawang Shopping Centre is a Cantonese restaurant called "Prosperous Kitchen". For some reason, there are never too many people inside. It's entire facade has incomprehensible scribblings in Chinese. For a long time, I didn't know how to refer to this restaurant because I can't read Chinese and the English translation of its name is written so small it looks like a footnote.

But I could not refuse Little Boy's soulful eyes when he requested to try the Dongbo Pork. Little Boy likes meat and he had been eyeing that big poster featuring this meaty dish for quite a while.

We were all amazed at how good the food was. The Dongbo Pork was melt-in-the-mouth soft without being too fatty. The fried mee swa was perfectly al dente with generous toppings of HUGE scallops and thick slices of fish. How do you get mee swa to be al dente anyway? Then there was red yeast chicken which was succulent and full of umami flavour.

And all it cost was $60/= for four of us to stuff ourselves silly because on weekends, there is a 30% discount. I was really pleased to find a yummy Chinese restaurant serving well-made food with prices that are easy on the pocket. This kind of quality is normally priced at $50/pax downtown. This place is EXCELLENT value for money if you don't mind the kitschy decor... and in contrast to some places a bit further down the road that serves badly made Western fare for $25/pax.


My Sinfonia said...

I think I am going to die from craving.

petunialee said...

Ask, and I will BRING.

My Sinfonia said...

You bring, customs officer will CONFISCATE. If not I would have already asked. kekeke

petunialee said...

Oh dang!! They confiscate dried herbs too?

My Sinfonia said...

Yeah...sob...I can never bring any food home from travelling. You can take out of course.