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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Someone's Summer Break

The Someone is home for summer break and came by for a visit. Whilst every one enjoys the company of The Someone, Little Boy is his most enthousiastic fan. They bonded over a discussion about rugby. The Someone played rugby and was describing the sport in its finer and somewhat violent details to me. Little Boy sat by listening, and as the description filled out and the violent details turned to broken bones and bloodied noses, Little Boy's eyes began to shine... and the 2 boys bonded right there and then. Sigh... I guess it takes all sorts to make up the world.

The Daughter is somewhat in awe of The Someone, who excels in studies, in sports and possesses a combination human qualities that are rare in every generation - gentleness, patience, a sense of stubborn strength (that quietly communicates that he will do what he believes is right no matter what others might say or do), and most rare of all... humility. It is my fault too for holding up The Someone as a role model for her. So, whilst she has found other role models in the senior girls at her school, she too, shyly enjoys his company.

The Husband and I enjoy the energy of youth that simply exudes from The Someone. That quality of curiosity and hope which all young people carry with them, who look forward to the future and enjoy the present. The Someone looks at the world with new eyes. He sees new patterns and new shapes which older folks like us are blind to. We are locked into habits and opinions that we believe to be true, and we judge badly those that don't fit in with our manner of conceiving the world. The Someone is far less judgmental and a lot more open to all that is new and dynamic in this world of ours. There is a sense that he is ready to move and quick to change and fast to cope... that he is at the ready to surf with the next big wave... and make it to the top of the crest in a journey fraught with excitement.

The Husband and I cannot surf like that anymore but it is nice to stand by as spectators watching The Someone who still can.

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