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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Green Curtains

A 2-storey tall expanse of window is both a problem and a joy. For the longest time, I wondered what I should do to temper the intensity of The Sun's fierce adoration for my apartment. I completely ruled out curtains because they would never get washed. One doesn't wash curtains that no ladder is tall enough to reach for taking down. Unwashed curtains are a health hazard in a family where one has asthma and another has sinus problems.

I observed that others had installed mechanized roller blinds that could be wound down and up at the press of a button, but the frugal housewife in me balked at the $5000/= price tag. And then I watched the movie Sky High, where one superhero was able to command plants to grow in seconds from seed to monstrous. It was a stunning scene with a wide expanse window and creepers crawling over the panes and finally bursting through the glass to curl themselves around the super villains.

It was inspiring.

So, one year ago, I planted 6 seeds in 2 largish troughs. Not possessing super hero abilities, I waited patiently for the skinny seedlings to rise up against the window panes. They spent so long looking straggly and The Husband so often complained that they looked untidy and Little Boy commented that it blocked the view... that I often wondered at the wisdom of my endeavour.

Well... as always... Mother (meaning me) is right. The seedlings have risen up against the window panes and created a lovely living curtain that lets in dappled sunlight and absorbs heat. All by themselves, they've twined about in pleasing patterns, and sculpted themselves into works of natural art.

I love 'em!


Blur Ting said...

Lovely! I seemed to have missed them when I was at your place. It's simply not practical to remove curtains for washing at your apartment cos the windows are so very tall!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. you must have some super-hero endeavour, after all. They've grown so fast and so much since I last went over to your place!


Serendipity said...

Hello, stumbled across your blog by chance as I was browsing through some gardening blogs.

I think your green curtains are really lovely! And a good idea too!