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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Plant Spa

Fragrant soft-leaved herbs such as marjoram and thyme are attractive to white fly and mealybugs. Fragrant hard-leaved herbs such as rosemary and sage are the beloved of spider mites. Discovering any of these pesky pests on my Mediterranean herbs has always cast a pall over my day. But no longer.

I have discovered a simple and effective way to counter these pests that requires no insecticide, no spraying and no fuss. Just soap and a pair of gentle hands. I give them a foam bath. It's just like bathing toddlers - gentle rubbie dub dubs and warm water to rinse. About 5 foam baths given 3 days apart seems to get rid of every trace of infestation... and the happy plants explode into a growth of new leaves, and stop dropping the old.

Whenever I take out all the plant bathing paraphernalia - basin, shower creme and a little cup, my plants go "Yippee!". Then, wet and refreshed, they look at me gratefully as they sit drying in bright shade. They look like Little Boy used to look after a bath all wrapped up in a thick towel leaving only the eyes to peer happily at me.

1 comment:

Blur Ting said...

Hehe, so cute! Little boy or plants peeking out through the towel to smile at you :-)