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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Small Is Powerful

In my garden, small is powerful. The most redoubtable pests that I have to deal with are each the size of a full stop. As a new gardener, I looked at the full stops and said to myself "Oh... so cute!" and I left them alone. A few full stops became a moving mass of spots on my poor plant, and in a matter of weeks, my garden had turned from green to yellow. Spider mites are the size of a full stop. Soil mealies are a little bigger but not much. Whiteflies are about a full stop in size too! The only thing that's rather big in comparison are the slow-moving sheeplike mealybugs. They're white and they're woolly. What harm can they do?

A lot!

I relentlessly pursue these little things and given half a chance, they regain territory. I use oil and soap spray and my plants get oily and burnt. I slap them with my hands and scrape them with my nails and crush them with my fingers. The next day, there are more. Insecticides in an edible garden is a no-no, so I've resorted to the old fashioned way. Prune all leaves off. In an edible garden, that's a yes-yes. Whatever you prune, you also eat. I reckon that I also munch up quite a few insect eggs because if the insects are fullstops, then their eggs cannot be seen with the naked eye. At least, I don't see eggs, but the insects always come back!

Yup! Small is powerful. I'm big and a loser. But man! Even if I'm losing, I'm still gonna get them good.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

yeah! I'm a big time loser to these things too. I'd have to gather courage and restart my edible stuff from scratch again soon.. :)

petunialee said...

Good luck! Go get 'em lady!

J.C. said...

I have similar problem with the bugs attacking my adenium plant too. But everytime I squash one, I feel so guilty for killing it that I have stop doing it.

I used diluted garbage enzyme to spray on them. But I think my dosage was a bit too strong...and my leaves start turning yellow and just withered off.

Just wonder if there's any other way to get rid of it.

petunialee said...

Adeniums are inedible right. Could you use a systemic insecticide like Triluxon? You can get it at the nursery to the left of FEF Thomson if you're facing FEF.