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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chamomile Flower

The long wait is over. The tender loving care invested in my pots of chamomile has paid off in more ways than I had imagined. For one thing, because of my chamomile, I made a new friend - Abby. A smiling and happily rotund matriarch full of bonhomie and warm advice. "The daughter of a farmer I am", says she, "and those are not the sweet potato strains meant for stir fry." For another, I have a new pot of rosemary from Felicia. And of course, the gentle artist Alan also came by, smiling shyly at me as he carefully held his chamomile seedlings in a jam jar to bring home and plant.

Best of all though, is that the chamomile has done what all chamomiles like to do. It has flowered and there are so very many blooms. I sniffed carefully at a flower and decided that it smelt funny - not at all like chamomile. No... it didn't smell good. Nonetheless, I snipped off two flowers and made an infusion.

And oh... oh... oh... once you have taken chamomile tea made with fresh chamomile flowers, you will forever look condescendingly upon chamomile teas made with commercial teabags. The smell is divine. A gentle fragrance that envelopes your head and whispers secrets of little joys and many small cheerfulnesses that make life beautiful. We don't realise it but life's worth is as much in the daily little happinesses that make life sweet, as it is in the big intense moments that make life exciting. Chamomile tea won't grab your attention if you're sipping it absent mindedly. However, if you sip it attentively, it will pull you into its warm embrace into a cocoon of warm peacefulness... and all you want to do, is stay where you are. In an eye of calm within a world that cannot stop moving.


Blur Ting said...

Oh lovely!

gin said...


I came across your blog while searching for Chamomile flowers online.

If you still have them, I was hoping I could buy some off from you cos I have been looking desperately for them.

I can be reached at 9488 8281.

Thanks for your time Petunia!