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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blur Ting's Farm

We are going to visit Blur Ting's farm tomorrow, and I am as excited as before a first date. I have seen her on her blog, but she has never seen me because I never put my photos on mine. What if the sight of me isn't what she expects? Because truly, I don't look like my personality at all. What if she gets an unpleasant surprise?

Oh well... never mind. I really want to see her farm.

I don't know anyone else in Singapore that owns a farm. It seems such a luxury to have a wide expanse of land upon which you can grow anything that takes your fancy. Mulberries, okra, eggplant... It's so cool to stomp out onto your farm in ugly rubber boots so that the squishy mud doesn't get on your feet. It's wonderful to let the children loose onto your farm and have them catch ladybugs, and raise caterpillars. It sounds so hip to swagger about and discourse intelligently about the various ways to administer chicken shit to your plants. In a moment of folly, I ordered two 25kg bags of chicken shit and now am wondering whether it'll last me forever in my tiny patch of rooftop garden. Now... if I had a farm, it would be a different story.


J.C. said...

My sentiment about owning my own farm cum orchard is exactly like yours. I just came back from a workshop in an orchard last weekend and I am hoping that when I retire, I would like to own a piece of land and turn it into a productive orchard cum herbs garden cum vegetable farm. How nice!!

petunialee said...

Yeah... my dream. Which orchard? Whereabouts?

Blur Ting said...

Oh my. I can imagine two big bags of chicken manure sitting in your roof garden :-) Thanks for coming. When I first stole a peek at you at the fish farm, my first thought was "Ohhh, she's such a cutie!"

petunialee said...

When I saw your smiling face, I thought... "Oh good! She didn't get a shock!"

Open Kitchen Concept said...

oh.. I want a farm too.. actually... I'm not so ambitious.. I just want a balcony with some vegetables and herbs... Love your spinach!