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Friday, April 24, 2009

Scary Gardeners

The GCS Forum has grown to become a wonderfully joyful part of my day. The best thing is that I don't even have to go out to enjoy it. Given the old woman that I am, I had never felt the urge to go on any forum until I found pests on my edibles and did not know what else to do except to ask people on a forum. The experience has so far been lovely. There are such experts there... some who deserve honorary PhDs in the science of fertilizing alone. Others are familiar with the exact steps to deal with beehives... right down to the time of night to set out, and the shape of the crescent moon. One cannot beat that kind of savoir-faire. One can only learn and give silent respect.

But our forum went through a tough patch lately. First there was a whodunnit thriller replete with nudity and stolen valuables... and then the advent of forum spammers. Everyone of us have been placed on some degree of mental and emotional alert. For the first time, I meet the evils of the internet face to face. I couldn't have met them before because I didn't blog and I didn't forum. Now I do both and I am experiencing first hand the dangers I warn my children about.

These dangers are all the more real in that gardeners love to visit each others' gardens, and meet to exchange plants, and send seeds by mail to each other. Imagine if you had interacted with a wolf in sheep's clothing!

Thank goodness though, we live in a place with 24 hour security and lifts equipped with access cards and codes. Thank goodness too that from some instinct of self-preservation, I have never (and will never) place photos of myself and my family on the internet. Thank goodness too, one has a doting and ever vigilant husband who has thus far insisted to tag along like a bouncer to any meeting with people I met on the forum. Thank goodness too, the extended family comes over all the time and the home is never empty. And God must love me because all those I've interacted with so far are generous and kind ladies, and very knowledgeable gentlemen.

Thank goodness! Oh thank goodness indeed! Phew!


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. I didn't check the forum for a while when i was away.. no wonder it "closed" for a bit when I returned.. quite scary. You've reminded me of the dangers of the internet. Thanks! newtogardening

petunialee said...

Oh you're welcome!!! I was a little shaken myself. I love your blog!

Blur Ting said...

I don't visit the forum very much but recently I have been receiving emails that point me to some online pharmacy. Quite annoying really, these touts.

When I first started blogging, I was more wary but after some time, sometimes I lose guard and become too trusting. It's good that you're reminding us to be more watchful.

petunialee said...

I guess most people are really in this to make friends and interact with people in a meaningful way. It is the statistical minority that harbours the odd ill intentions. However, it takes only one person...