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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mother's Day 2019: Smith Marine Kelong Restaurant

For the price of a hotel buffet for 4, we decided to go fish for our meal in a kelong. Click HERE for the restaurant.

We had great fun, even though the booking process was not exactly pleasant.

The bumboat there is $100 for 12 paxes and it does not matter if you have 1 pax or 12. To book, you must first put in a deposit of $100 and this is taken off your final food bill. You also have to pre-order your food because they need to buy stuff to cook for you. I was told that there would be gong-gong, squid etc... caught fresh from the kelong. So, I ordered those. However, when we got there, the staff said that those have not been raised in the kelong for a long time. There is nothing but fish and lala caught fresh there. Since we have celiacs in the party, I had to ask a few times to get any sense of whether the dishes were gluten free. Then, I had to ask a few times in order to get a sense of how much the meal would cost (having made my pre-order).

All said, it is an experience we do not regret. We will not do it again because of the hefty booking process but it was a fun day out. The portions given for each dish are generous too!

The kelong restaurant.


Black pepper beef.

Broccoli. There was also kangkong but The Daughter missed taking that dish.


The Son.

Catching our own lunch.

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