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Friday, May 31, 2019

Milo's Depression

Our Milo takes it very badly if I take my dinner alone, upstairs, without him. He expects to be included in my dinner because he is often the only companion I have at meals (the others all work late and eat dinner later). If I look into Milo's eyes, I will melt and give him bites of what I am eating. Sometimes, I stubbornly refuse to meet his gaze because I know that if my eyes connect with Milo's eyes, I will shamelessly capitulate. The eyes are windows into my soul and also a means to control me. When Milo looks at me with those eyes, my heart beats faster and a knot forms at the pit of my stomach.

Milo knows this and if I am eating something that he particularly likes, he will nuzzle my belly and put his head on my lap... all the while looking up at me with those penetrating eyes. I cannot meet his eyes. If I meet his eyes, I am lost. I do everything those eyes ask me to do, which usually means that he gets much of the food off my plate.

Thank heavens Milo is not a man! If a man made those eyes at me, I think I risk losing far more than half a plate of food!

The Daughter started commenting that on some nights, Milo is depressed and moody. He won't wag his tail when she gets home. He won't stand up and run to her. He won't ask for petting and cuddles. Those are invariably the nights when I choose to get my dinner sent up to my bedroom on a tray. On one occasion, it was really obvious that he was angry about me taking dinner alone upstairs, without him.

When the tray was sent upstairs to me, Milo was out in the garden. When done, I brought the tray downstairs myself. When Milo saw me, he expected that I was coming downstairs to eat my dinner with him. He pranced and skipped around. Then, he saw the tray in my hand with empty plates and glasses. His doggie face changed.

When The Daughter got home, he was so depressed and I felt so bad for him that I came downstairs to re-enact my dinner, and share a few bites with him.

Happy Milo.

Depressed Milo.

Nerdy Milo.

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Mother said...

Hi Milo! he is a cute dog and very smart! hope my dog will be as smart as Milo