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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Grumpy Baker

Best macarons in Paris.

Delightful pastries that burnt a hole in my pocket.

The Grumpy Baker makes brownies that are God's gift to Singaporeans. My kids are brownie snobs and they practically inhale these brownies and then gasp for more. I feel like I have found an exclusive treasure trove of baked goodies lodged in an HDB flat inside a neighbourhood with a problematic reputation - Yishun.

When I serve these brownies on a chi-chi platter to guests, people ask which hotel or which high class bakery I bought it from. So, I will let you in on a secret. I bought them from a guy who bakes world class pastries out of his little 2 bedroom HDB flat.

I buy them at a fraction of the price it costs to get them from the big name shops, and I get better tasting pastries too. What is not to like? The ONLY reason why this guy does not have a pastry shop that sells his creations at world class prices, is that he does not have the initial capital to set up shop. Rentals are high in Singapore and business set up costs even higher.

I cannot eat his brownies because they are not gluten free. I did eat his macarons. Mind you. I have eaten the best macarons in Paris from Gérard Mulot (at 4 Euros per piece). I have even eaten those from Ladurée in Takashimaya (at $30 for 8 pieces).  Macarons tend to be too sweet. I liked neither of Paris' best macarons. The Grumpy Baker makes better macarons, using fresh roselle fruits.The Grumpy Baker's roselle macarons (with chocolate ganache filling) offset the cloying sweetness of a classic macaron with roselle's tartness. He only charges $30 per 25 pieces.

Go browse his creations HERE. You need to do your own pick up. The grumpy fella does not deliver. Remember to be nice to him. He is called grumpy baker for a reason. This said, once you get past the thorns, inside... the man is pure unadulterated durian of the best quality.

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