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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Green Cincau Dessert (from garden to table)

I am so used to making jelly from packets of jelly powder that when someone told me that I could blend the leaves of the cincau hijau plant (premna oblongifolia) to get jelly that could be assembled into a coconut dessert, I was intrigued.

I followed the recipe below and sure enough, I had concocted a refreshing dessert. It is apparently protective against colo-rectal cancer too. See HERE.

Green cincau recipe:
70g cincau leaves, washed
500ml water + 500ml water

(1) Blend leaves with 500ml water.
(2) Quickly strain liquid into shallow 1L tray.
(3) Return pulp to blender and blend with fresh 500ml water. Strain into jelly mixture.
(4) Skim bubbles for a smooth surface. Chill till set.
(5) Serve with gula melaka and coconut milk.
(6) Top with fresh telosma cordata flowers.

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