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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Gifts From the Heart

Our helper M came home with surprises for me today. She had gone out with her cousin who had just come back from her holiday in Myanmar. M had imposed upon her cousin to bring back gifts for me. They are princely gifts in my view.

I feel so blessed because my helper likes me enough to put so much effort in giving.

Asparagus roots. It is impossible to find asparagus in Singapore. I could not even find the seeds! I looked high and low for asparagus. All I could find were the asparagus spears in the market. I buy them whenever I see them. M says these grow like weeds where she lives.

Crocodile meat. Apparently, M had noticed that I was prone to eczema when I eat certain foods. This is supposed to set me right. She looked at me anxiously and asked, "Will you eat it?" Actually, it looks very oily but yes, I will eat it because it was the combined effort of M's family who hunted, cooked and hand carried it here. How to not eat?

M explained that this was pure turmeric powder made by her own aunt without the use of pesticides nor fillers. The fragrance from this is amazing. Nothing compared to store bought. This, too, is a thoughtful gift because I take turmeric tea 5 times a week. M specially ordered this to be hand carried in too.

One of M's male cousins fished this out of the sea last night. It was then stored in the fridge and kept on ice. M brought them home and gave them to me, asking me if I liked them. Of course, I do! This is 5 dinners worth of protein.

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