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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Garden Update

Now that the glass awning is in, I can put some order in the garden again. It has suffered somewhat from the lack of sunlight and too much water during the Nov and Dec monsoon. I lost 2 pots of rosemary to the unceasing rains.

I decided to do a stock take and realise that the garden does really feed my family. I rotate the harvests from plant to plant but there is always something to eat, instead of going to the store. I have not had to buy market greens for a long time.

Chilli... we had a few plants that were infested with broad mites. I was so irritated that I gave most of them away. This one miraculously fruited without much care from me.

Thai Watercress is yumzzzz in soups.

Amaranth Leaves (aka bayam or heng chye). This makes a yummy garlic stir fry.

Brazilian Spinach is soft and tender in a garlic stir fry.

Blue Pea leaves are great in soups. Sliced very thin, the bean pods can be stir fried. The flowers can be used as natural food colouring. The flowers make a tea that nourishes the brain.

Winged Beans are good in nasi ulam. See HERE.

Roselle leaves make a deliciously tart stir fry when combined with amaranth leaves or sweet potato leaves. Roselle fruits can also be infused to make a tea that tastes like Ribena.

Anredera cordifolia make a lovely egg drop soup and when stirred into mashed potato, makes a delicious portobello mushroom stuffing.

Betel leaves make a tasty wrap of oven baked fish, or minced pork/beef.

Mint leaves for my favourite drink - Virgin Mojito.

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