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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sprouting Grains for the Chickens

The Daughter refers to Maggie as Princess Hen. On Day 1, Maggie ate everything I gave her. Since yesterday, Maggie has been very selective about what she eats. She turns up her beak at shredded vegetable peels, chopped up greens, cooked rice, unhusked rice, unsprouted wheat and unsprouted barley. Princess Hen will only eat meal worms and sprouted grains.

If I mix the food together, she will only pick out stuff she likes. So now, I have to sprout for her. Sheesh!

This chicken is hard work and only gives me 1 egg a day. Very expensive egg.

I was told that she would give 1 egg every 3 days. When she got here, she gave me 1 every 2 days. Now, I get 1 every day. Yay!

Sprouting mung beans.

The rooster loves sprouted mung beans.

Soaking wheat, barley and mung beans.

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