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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Helping Friends

With exams looming, Little Boy's school has implemented a CCA stand down. So, I was surprised that Little Boy was still coming home at 7-ish.

It turns out that the boys have come together to run a Peer Tuition Clinic. Little Boy and 3 other friends started the clinic months back as a study group. They met to discuss the deep and incomprehensible ramblings of their Physics teacher. 

Then the group evolved to tackle every other subject too. The boys tested each other and discussed questions to past year papers. Soon enough, word got around and other boys floated in and then out. So, yesterday, some boys approached my Little Boy to ask for some help. So, Little Boy stayed behind after school to explain what he could.

He said, "It helps me too, Mom. I revise as I explain."

I think it is wonderful that Little Boy's school is not big in competition but big on collaboration. Everyone wins that way, no?

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