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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Work Less Teach More

I woke up this morning to some pleasant surprises. There were 4 bits of news on the MOE 2015 Work Plan...

(1) Teachers will get more support and mentorship. See HERE.
(2) Teaching expertise in primary schools will be deepened. See HERE.
(3) There will be an online portal for Teachers and students to share resources. See HERE.
(4) MOE will streamline admin and give schools centralised admin support so that Teachers' time can be freed up to TEACH. See HERE.

"Waaaah!" I thought, "Christmas is here." My wish for an online portal for students and teachers to share learning resources (expressed HERE in 2011) has come true. My wish for Teachers to teach rather than do admin (expressed HERE in 2012) has come true. My wish that MOE is managed less crappily (expressed HERE in 2013) has come true.

2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014... waaaaah... it took THREE looooooong years for MOE to DECIDE to set up Teacher-Student Learning Portal. Now, still gotta wait till 2016 leh... If MOE were a private sector organisation so slow to change, sure go the Nokia way one lor...

Anyway, though it was a bit slow to happen it still happened. So, I was happy. I WhatsApped every mommy I knew with kids still in primary school. The responses I received poured cold water on my enthusiasm. I hope these Mommies are wrong. I do hope so!


After reading this blog post, more than one Mommy has lost all respect for me. I think. I have an uncomfortable feeling that they think I am both naive and gullible to believe in Santa Claus at Christmas. Siiiiiiigh!

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