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Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Ubin Seafood

Prawn Roll

Stir fried kale with crispy kale sprinklings on top

Chilli crab

Grilled Angus beef

Fried rice made from the drippings of the grilled Angus beef

Wasabi prawns

Fried mantou

Potato wedges

It was beyond yummy! This place is hidden away in the midst of factory blocks. You park in a dingy carpark. You walk under a dingy awning. You let your eyes get used to the dingy darkness inside... There is NOTHING here to hint at the extraordinary sensations that will charm, entice and seduce your palate.

When I drove the family over there this afternoon, I patiently explained that since the decor is nothing to shout about and the place is always packed, then it must be the food that keeps people coming back. The kids found the decor rather nice and when we got there, there was only one other table of diners.

My kids looked askance at me.

The food came and the kids looked nobody no askance no more. Perfectly crispy potato wedges with fluffy insides. The beef was tender and so satisfyingly... you know... beefy. The prawns were HUGE and had everything of the Q Q bite that people rave about. The crab was sweet and the fried rice just disappeared. One moment, the plate was full and when I looked up again, there was no more fried rice left.

The kids didn't much like the stir fried kale with the crispy kale toppings. I loved that. The crispy kale toppings were a nice touch. It gave the dish a sort of a fusion feel. It really was quite a surprising meal because the angus beef with potato wedges was clearly NOT Chinese, but I think many Western restaurants can't match up to its level of yummy goodness. The stir fried kale was Chinese but with deep fried kale strips as toppings à la Western style. Then the wasabi sauce was clearly inspired by Japanese food. The prawn roll is a Chinese classic and it was good! Chilli Crab is of course very very very Singaporean. You can't get more Singaporean than Chilli Crab. This one surpasses Jumbo by very far!

I ate Chilli Crab at Jumbo once and never went back again because I don't really like crab and that crab was just rather bleah... This one was good enough to make me like it, despite me not liking crab. The flesh was sweet. The sauce beguiled the tongue and made it forget to think.

Update 19 Sep 2014
I haven't been back to New Ubin for a while, since the time a crab dish smelled of ammonia. It was nice that they gave me a refund but I was offended by the dour faced man who hinted that I was out to cheat them of the refund because my husband (whose palate seems immune to bad food) had eaten one whole crab already (without realising that it was not fresh). When I remonstrated with the dour faced man, I was told that I had ordered cheap crab and therefore he could not guarantee freshness. I smiled politely at him.


Wen-ai said...

New Ubin Seafood! Very near my place and was my fav Tze Char earlier this year until I OD on the beef and had to detox for a while. Havent been back for a few months... glad that you enjoyed the food too!

Blur Ting said...

You are fast! You really like the place. The food is good and if you read about the owner, you'll see why his food is a mix of East and the West.