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Friday, November 1, 2013

Educational Apps Recommendation:

iPad for Dr Pet's Enrichment

A basic instructional tool in teaching English is a good dictionary. Before I can use the iPads in class (as I wrote about HERE), I needed to find a good dictionary. I recommend the app It is possible to find both the iPad version (HERE) and the android version (HERE). The basic app is free and it comes with the Synonyms Function. I also recommend the Example Sentences Upgrade at SGD1.99 (because I think children learn meanings faster when they can read the new words in the context of a good sentence).

The Dictionary Function (where definitions are provided).

The Synonyms Function (where the child can search for Yummy Words to replace his/her simple ones).

The Example Sentences Function (where the child can evaluate whether or not to use his Yummy Word in the way he intended). This feature is not free. I paid SGD1.99 for it.

I needed to download the app because I need the children to work on the iPad offline. This means they have no internet connection. My dictionary needs to function offline. If your child has access to a laptop with an active internet connection, then there is no need to buy the app. Just key in and then search for your word. See picture below.

See the Synonyms Function on the bottom of the left column. 
See the Example Sentences Function at the right most column.

How to Ensure That the Children Don't PLAY on the iPad
(1) Don't install Games Apps
(2) Don't allow the children to install Games Apps (i.e., they don't have access to your iTunes Account password).
(3) Lock away the router when you are not at home. No router = no internet connection = no computer games. The device functions purely on the educational apps you've installed.

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