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Saturday, November 9, 2013

MDA Blocks Ashley Madison

I have 2 words. Thank you.

Yes... yes... yes... there's adultery here anyway. Why help it along though? Yes... yes... yes... it's gonna be hard to BLOCK an internet site. After all, Facebook and BlogSpot are blocked in China, but plenty of Chinese netizens get past the blockade.

Still, those people who REALLY wanna commit adultery will find a way to do it.  If they choose to breach the blockade, that's their pasar. You really gotta want to, to try, you see. It's not there in plain sight hailing at the all and sundry.

It's like prostitutes.

They're someplace in Singapore. Those who want them will go looking for them, but I certainly DON'T WANT to see them in places where I am not looking for them. I don't want to see their advertisements on Facebook. I don't want to see billboards advertising their services next to Colgate and Palmolive. I don't want my children to see them either.

So yes, thank you.

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